Q-Facebook Feed is stand alone script which help you to constantly update list of all stories in the middle of your home page. Script is easy to use and friendly to use. This script use facebook API interface and custom css styling.


• Real time updates
• Use facebook API
• Custom CSS styling
• Number of likes counter
• Number of commnets counter
• Shows comments below news
• Easy to use
• Easy to configure




• Apache 2.2.22 and 2.2.27
• PHP 5.4.3 and 5.3.28
• SQL 5.5.24 and 5.5.34-cll-lve


Happy New Year! We have prepare big plans for 2018!!!
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:I have hope so! I waiting for new relase !
:I sent a message. Any reply?
I have just uploaded new version of Q-Ladder script (1.2) on test site.
LINK: http://www.quantrius.com/qladder

This version of script contains numerous server/client side code changes. Whole "backbone code" of script have been redesigned, and because of that redesign script IS NOT COMPATIBLE with pervious versions of script!

Currently i am testing newest version of script and majority of content will be available in next few days.

New topic on forum will be opened so you can write your suggestions and ideas

If you have any question, you can send PM over facebook, post topic on forum or just send e-mail.

For suggestions and ideas, please use FORUM!
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:How do we download the new version if we have already purchased it?
:When will new version be released?
:what are the changes? any change log?
:are u a live?
Just want to say i am back! You can expect new stuff very soon.
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:double elemination brackets on tournamet, screen and demo upload and i finally will buy it ^^
:Allow for ref staff and other staff positions.
:I stopped using it...seems like people prefer facebook, so the only thing it really needs is connectivity with facebook..anyway keep it up
Soon we will need volunteers who are willing to help with translations.

Currently we have:
- english
- croatian, serbian and bosnian

If you are willing to translate it to your native language please send us inbox message so we can add that language to our script
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:Hey. When is soon? It's been a while since latest update :)
Quantrius UP and RUNNING! Sorry for any inconvenience.
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:and can we ask minor adjustements if I pay extra ?
:If I buy quantrius, Will I be able to get the next updates for free ?
Domain will be up in next few days... Problem with provider...
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Soon we will start to work on multiple language support part of the script.
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:Nice....as I told before. I will be happy to help with the danish part
Today will be complete data wipe out on our demo web page. Reason is because we will test script and apply some changes...
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I have finally manage to separate team ladder battles from single ladder battles. In next version you will have ability to create 1v1 ladders. Due fact that this feature is new it may have some serious bugs, so i need to take some further script testing before i can release it (latest version is available on demo page so you can check it at any time).
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Just fixed game-mode pick in ladders and tournaments (admin panel)
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Currently working @ new match report design. Here is current work that i done for now (not final version). Any suggestions or feedback?

EXAMPLE: http://www.quantrius.com/qladder/index.php?site=match&matchID=27
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:Well most of it looks really nice. But the banner ind the button for each team that bad. teamname would do it for me. :)
:how does this script support Console gaming ?
NEW UPDATE: added IP log for registered players. Now admin can check if user have been logined on 2 accounts with same IP address on same day! This option is only available to admins!
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I have just added "history log" to player profile. Also there was some minor design changes and some bug fixes
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Q-Ladder new updates:

fixed: bud where guest users cant see players profile
added: ads column on q-ladder demo page
added: players now can leave team from their profile page
changed: changed char from 25 to 35 for email field
added: simple email human check (anti spam)
added: rules to tournaments
added: country of team
changed: games are now ordered by title
added: my teams to sidebar menu
fixed: tournament icons are now centered
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:I buy your cms, i need know where can i change time server, i make test tournament, when i go sign out, i can not apply idk why, where i can change time in this cms for spain time?
Just updated main web page, its simple and easy to navigate.
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working @ new QUANTRIUS web page design
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:Hi, can you answer?
:i want to buy u cms
:can u answer in u forum?
Just updated ladder cms to latest version... I need some time fo fill all content. You can check it right now
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:I like to buy this script but.... 1. Will the translation be a problem when there comes a new version? 2. Any plans with facebook login? 3. Will you think about making a translation version? i like to handle the danish part if so?
:What about language? Im Polish and I would like to make Polish translation for the script. Can I do that with BASIC bundle ?
:Do you plan to add a future to change language for users (scroll menu) or auto-language detect ?
:Great Thanks. Just made the payment ;)
Finally finished with bugs in ladder and tournament system! Now testing phase next few days! I hope that script will be "out" soon.
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Past few weeks i have been working on script. Here is list of changes / updates. Latest "version" of script is currently running on our demo site: http://www.quantrius.com/qladder/

- lost password link is now working
- recoded search page
- recoded staff page
- all images are now limited to 1 mb and .jpg format
- team logo included
- redesigned almost all pages
- improved admincp security
- fixed bugs in admincp
- fixed some spelling mistakes (i bet there is a lot more of them, cant find them all, so help Tongue)
- recoded installation process
- fixed some match related bugs
- a lot of minor things that are not visible
- security improvements of script
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I have big plans for "LADDER CMS"!

First step is to improve match accept/edit options. I will try to reduce amount of files and code related to this part of script. Also i will improve visual effects of script with some new features.

I have also created facebook page so you can easy ask any questions related to script on it.

If you have any suggestion, write it on forum or facebook page!
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:Weekly scheduled matches would be fine. Without that "challenge" thing
This is our official facebook page. Fell free to ask any questions.
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